With nearly two decades of experience in public and private offerings, the team at 361 Infrastructure Partners strives to invest in social infrastructure projects that accelerate a future state of modern, sustainable infrastructure with a positive societal impact.

Investing in Communities

361 Infrastructure Partners, a leading sustainable infrastructure platform, was formed with a mission to help solve the aging infrastructure problem impacting our communities and the environment. Through impact-driven investments that are measurable, our goal is to invest in social infrastructure projects that help both public and private entities update failing essential service assets and realize the benefits of modernized, energy-efficient equipment.

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In 2018, 361 Infrastructure Partners began working with Sustainability Partners, a leading provider of sustainable infrastructure solutions, to address the more than $4.5 trillion deferred maintenance issue that exists today in the United States—over half of which is concentrated in the social infrastructure sector.

Impact Driven

Upgrades to modern systems have a far-reaching impact in safeguarding overall public health and safety, and significantly reducing CO2 emissions as we collectively move towards a net-zero carbon economy. Energy efficiency and facility infrastructure maintenance play a fundamental role in this transition.

How it Works
As part of a usage-based model, outside capital is used to purchase and take ownership of modernized equipment and systems. These entities then pay for the usage of this equipment—akin to their other utility bills—which allows them to focus their capital capabilities on other mission-critical priorities within the communities they serve.

Be a Changemaker

Our goal is to enable impact-driven individuals to take a leadership role in helping address the challenges facing our communities and the environment. Working together we seek to align knowledge and expertise to accelerate a future state of modern, sustainable infrastructure that preserves and protects the foundational needs of society.


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East Aurora School District Lighting Upgrade
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